anglichanin (anglichanin) wrote,

Дело Бората живет и побеждает!

Я считаю, что это шедевр спама


How are you? My name is Ekaterina. I from Russia, city Cheboksary. To me
28 years. I shall tell to you about myself a little.

I corresponded with the man from the your country before. His name Mark. He is
from your country. We had a long correspondence and Mark wanted, that I have
arrived to him in the your country that I have seen what life there. We have
together submitted the statement on reception of the visa in your country! Mark
spoke, that will help my in our meeting. I thought, that have met on
the Internet the love.

I and Mark made the big plans for the future, but in a flash all has
changed. From the moment of submission of the statement for the
application of the visa has passed 5 months. For these five months
there was for what I least waited. Mark informed, that his former wife
has returned to him and lives together with him. Soon they should get
married. And now in Mark plans there is no me. I wrote to him some
times after that, but Mark have wished me only good luck in the
further searches worthy men and have told, that our ways miss. And in
October to me there has come the invitation in embassy behind
reception of the visa.

In the beginning I wanted to throw out the invitation in embassy.
To me it was sad, because my dreams were failed, I have nobody to fly
in the your country. But my uncle have dissuaded me from resolute actions and
have told, that else there is a chance to find worthy the man and to
use the visa to a meeting with him. I well know English and
practically I have visa your country. My uncle speaks, that it really solves
many problems.

Approximately in 7 days the visa will be ready, and I should go to Moscow
behind reception of the visa. I write to you because in my heart there
is an empty seat. I do not search rich or poor. I search careful and
responsible man which wants to enjoy a life together. Is this person
you? I think, that I ask not much. I have told to you a little about
my life. I have told not all about myself, but it will be easier to me
to write about myself if you will ask questions which interest you. I
have told to you my history, and now I shall look forward to hearing
from you with impatience. Write to me! I shall send you more photo in
the following letter. I wait you answer. Ekaterina.

P.S. I shall answer with pleasure if you write to me on:blonde79u@yandex.rua>.

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