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А я не знал,

что секретные материалы, с которыми на так называемом суде по делу «полоумного Саши» (Литвиненко) был ознакомлен только судья, были подготовлены ни кем иным, как Кристофером Стилом, ныне прославившимся сфабрикованным «досье о золотом дожде».

What has now become clear is that the main evidence of Russian state involvement in Litvinenko’s murder was not the publicly available evidence, but evidence provided to the public inquiry in private by the British intelligence services. This evidence was seen only by the Judge who headed the inquiry, but seems to have had a decisive effect in forming his view of the case and shaping his report.

American readers may be interested to learn that this evidence was put together by none other than Christopher Steele, the person who gave us the “golden showers” dossier, which has played such an outsized role in the Russiagate affair.

Уши вылезли.
Tags: Литвиненко, некогда великая Британия

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