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И опять про объективность (букаф немало и много иностранных)

На этот раз BBC у нас на доске почета
Ниже цитатаы отсюда с моими комментариями 

Hundreds of thousands of homes in Europe remain without heating amid plunging temperatures as a gas row between Russia and Ukraine continues.
(Пока все нормально, идет простая констатация)

More than 15 countries have been hit by the shutdown of Russian supplies.
(Тоже нормально, действительно, изначально поставки российские. А говорить, что крантик хохлы завернули, вовсе не обязательно)

Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina are among the worst hit as many homes rely on heating stations that only run on gas.

The EU said it had reached agreement with Russia on an observer mission to monitor gas flows, but it was unclear when supplies would resume.
(И опять, нормальная подача информации)

There has been no confirmation of the deal from the Russian side, which had, at the last minute, demanded Russian monitors be included on the team.
(Оппля! А вот здесь включена кнопка "3,14здежъ" - требования о том, что независимые наблюдатели должны быть и из России, озвучивалось на моей памяти еще дней пять назад)

Ukraine's Naftogaz said it had no objection to Russians being included.
(Кнопка "3,14здежъ" работает на полную мощность, но и придерешься особо - это ведь по словам Укрнафтогаза)

If all sides have agreed, monitors could travel to Ukraine as early as Friday, after which it is hoped the gas will start flowing back into Europe, the BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Kiev says.
(Отметим необычайную информационную ценность комментария г-на Гейтхауса)

But the acrimonious disagreement over gas prices between Ukraine and Russia remains, which leaves the crisis far from settled, he adds.


An estimated 100,000 people in Serbia were left without heating when Russian gas supplies to Europe were halted on Wednesday, the BBC's Helen Fawkes in Belgrade said.

With sub-zero temperatures across the country, at least eight towns and cities were completely cut off.

Most of its gas-powered heating stations have switched to alternative energy but some can only operate on gas and have had to shut down completely, our correspondent adds.

It has also received emergency gas from Hungary and Germany.

In neighbouring Bosnia, some 72,000 homes were without heating in temperatures as low as -15C. Leaders warned its gas reserves would last only a few more days.

(Ну что ж, людей действительно жалко, с этим не поспоришь)

Angry Bulgarians protested in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Sofia on Thursday, holding placards accusing Russia and Ukraine of being "gas terrorists", the Associated Press reports.
(Но без кнопки 3,14здеж обойтись на ВВС никак нельзя. Какого хрена, поясните мне, пожалуйста, разгневанные болгары будут выражать свое "фэ" России напротив посольства Украины? Российского посольства в Софии уже нет? Ай-ай-ай, ВВС. Правду говорить легко и приятно, а вот 3,14здеть - нехорошо и неловко. Напротив украинского посольства болгары все-таки негодовали по поводу поведения Украины).

Other countries reporting a total halt in gas supplies included Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia and Austria.

The Czech EU presidency said late Thursday, following talks with Russian and Ukrainian officials in Brussels, that agreement had been reached with Russia over the monitors.

"This deployment should lead to the Russian supplies of gas to EU member states being restored," it said in a statement, without specifying when monitors would be in place or when gas supplies would resume.

The EU depends on Russia for about a quarter of its total gas supplies, some 80% of which are pumped via Ukraine.

Russia cut gas to Ukraine itself a week ago as the row over pricing and allegedly unpaid bills escalated.

Ukraine denies Russian accusations that it is stealing gas passing through export pipelines on its territory.
(Ну и, конечно, последнее слово остается за Украиной).

Браво ВВС - наврав по факту всего-то самую малость, вы смогли нарисовать вполне себе объективную картинку нехороших действий российской стороны. Профессионализм (ептыть)!



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