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 Вдова Моррисон (lizardqueen ) объясняет mancunian и иже с ним, как много они упустили в этой жизни.

Читать внимательно! (особенно тем, кто изъясняется на "кириллическом")

It's a shame, because you'll miss out on some nice stuff. Sometimes I post private poetry that Jim wrote for me and to me, just little bits, but stuff no one else has seen; if you're the real Doors fans you claim to be, well, that's something you won't be seeing...

Besides, if you people just want to read my blog, as you claim, why not just read it? Why bother adding me as a "friend", unless of course you just want a "famous", as you put it, name on your list? I'm never going to let any of you post, so why all the fuss? Just read the blog and go about your business.

And now my friends have been spammed just as I have, with fake sites and porn. But let's hope those spammers were only a few, and the rest of my new Cyrillic "friends" are people of good faith. I won't ban and block you just yet, unless you keep on annoying me and my friends. So let's both back off and cool down.

But I'm keeping the blog locked for a while anyway. 

(I do hope your English skills are up to understanding this; I've tried to keep it simple for you. And that's not an insult: your English is about a million times better than my few words of high-school Russian...
But English is a complex and subtle language, and perhaps some of you didn't pick up on that. No harm, no foul.)

Tags: Осторожно перлы!

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